Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Beautiful Fairy

I just wanted to share a couple pictures of my beautiful fairy that my mother surprised me with for Easter. My mom knows how much I love fairies. =-) I love the colors and sparkles my fairy has. The pictures do not even come close to how pretty she really is.

Happy Reading Everyone,
The Domestic Diva

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fur Baby Friday

This Fur Baby Friday entry features my youngest fur baby Tili. I love Tili's markings, it was the first thing I noticed about her when I adopted her. Tili is the most curious of all my fur babies. She always has to get her cute nose into everything. LOL.. She is also the sweetest of my fur babies. Tili loves to come up to you and rub herself against you to say hello,  I like to call this "The Drive By".

This picture was take when Tili was a young squirt and she had her favorite t-shirt on that I bought her.

This is one of Tili's favorite places to lay in the Summer and sun tan while watching the birds.

Happy Fur Baby Friday Everyone,
The Domestic Diva

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Come Join My New Facebook Page- Blog Diva's

Come Join my new Facebook Page "Blog Diva's" a page
for Women Who Love to blog!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter with your loved ones.

Happy Easter,
The Domestic Diva

Friday, April 06, 2012

Fur Baby Friday!

These "Fur Baby Friday" pictures are of Priscilla posing for her Easter pictures. I took these pictures of Priscilla posing with different Easter props in her adorable Easter Bunny outfit. Every Easter I dress Priscilla in her Easter Bunny outfit. I think she looks so precious in it.

Priscilla posing in one of her favorite baskets that she just loves to sleep in. This basket just happens to be used for Easter decorations.
This was one of Priscilla's first ever Easter photos, that
I took of her when she was a kitten.

I hope everyone's fur babies have a wonderful Easter and the Easter Bunny is good to them. From my fur babies to your fur babies, we wish you all a Happy Easter!

Happy Fur Baby Friday Everyone,
The Domestic Diva

I am linking up with the lovely Mrs. Monologues for Fur Baby Friday!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Domestic Diva's Easter Decorations!

I just wanted to share with you all my Easter decorations, that I have up in my house. Its always been a tradition in my family to put up far too many Easter decorations. *LOL* For some reason it seems that every year I always add more and more Easter decorations to the mix. I even have Easter decorations in the windows and outside in front of my house. I truly love to decorate for the holidays and my neighbors always comment on how the house looks.

This is a picture of my fireplace mantel with just some of my Easter decorations. Most of the Easter decorations were purchased from local thrift stores around town. =-)
I found this cute Easter bunny at one of my favorite thrift stores, and I couldn't resist taking him home and adding him to my Easter collection this year.

Happy Easter Everyone,
The Domestic Diva

Monday, April 02, 2012

I Received The Versatile Blogger Award!

Chrissy from A Lil Dash Of Diva gave me the "Versatile Blogger Award" today.  This is really sweet of her to give me my first blog award and think of me, so I thank you Chrissy for thinking of me and giving me this wonderful award. Everyone can check out her blog here

Here are the rules for receiving the blog award, please pass this award on to your favorite fifteen blogs and spill seven facts about yourself. I'm a lot like Chrissy, I can never follow the rules 100% *LOL* Here are some of facts out me (below) and some of my favorite blog ladies that I'm passing this award on to.

Facts about The Domestic Diva!

1. I'm from Canada.

2. I love Hockey!

3. I love eating organic food and staying healthy.

4. Pizza and Chocolate are my favorite foods.

5. My favorite colors are Pink & Black.

6. I'm a major nerd and love to read.

7. I love aromatherapy oils and hot bubble baths.

Here are the lovely ladies that I will be giving this award from to:

Thanks again A Lil Dash Of Diva a for this wonderful award! =)