Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy First Day Of Spring Everyone!

Happy First Day of Spring everyone! I hope you all are having wonderful Spring weather, and that the sun is shining bright for you where you are! The sun is shining here today, it's lovely. I have chickadee birds nesting in my bird house right now, and the tulips are starting to show their pretty petals. Before I know it, my cherry trees will be blossoming and will be planting my garden. -YEAH! 
Happy First Day Of Spring,
The Domestic Diva


Brenda Lee said...

Oh wow, those flowers are absolutely gorgeous! :)

Natalie Adair said...

Miss Diva, I gave you the most Versatile please go to my blog and pick it up http://bridgetsdaughter5.blogspot.com

kimberly @ lush lounge said...

I love tulips, they are the prettiest spring flower. I love everything about spring!!

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